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Experiential Marketing Roger Clemens
Experiential Marketing Roger Clemens PHRG
Experiential Marketing Roger Clemens Power


POWER Home Remodeling Group


Power Home Remodeling Group is a ”dream realization” company that provides products and services to help their clients build or remodel their dream home.


To design and execute unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences as part of a quarterly sales incentive program for this $900M+ privately held company and its 2,300+ employees.



JPSE partnered with MLB All-Star pitcher and Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens to produce“A Day with Roger Clemens” at his home and gymnasium in Houston, TX and welcomed 30+ executives and employees to demonstrate appreciation for their contribution to Power Home Remodeling Group's success. 


JPSE secured access to his home and an appearance by Roger Clemens including the opportunity for every attendee to take batting practice with Roger, a themed luncheon with spirits, a unique gifting experience and more. As a keepsake, each attendee received autographed memorabilia and/or other mementos that acknowledging their success and serving as daily reminder of their unique experience.

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