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RhondaRita Margarita Drink 7 Eleven
RhondaRita cans margarita
Rhondarita product launch


RhondaRita Margarita Cocktail


RhondaRita is a Margarita-style cocktail and a new consumer packaged goods (CPG) product within the Hard Seltzer category, developed by the mixologist, Rhonda Chapman at an exclusive private golf club in Las Vegas.


JPSE was engaged to lead the ownership group (Joe DePinto, President and CEO of 7-Eleven and mixologist, Rhonda Chapman) in assessing the viability of developing a business based upon this unique “Ready to Drink” product. 


JPSE performed due diligence and leveraged its critical industry relationships to enable the product launch in February 2023 at 7-Eleven’s annual 7EE Convention. 


On behalf of the ownership group, JPSE is managing all aspects of the business including industry relations, operations, sales and marketing, and has overseen and directed the brand launch including decision-making and execution of logo design, marketing materials, promotion and events.

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